Intro to supertroop

Check out our Introduction to Supertroop. This was written before our first holiday took place and provides a brief outline of our vision.

You might also like to read this letter sent to families shortly before the 2018 holiday, which answers a few common questions and gives a sense of what to expect.

holiday basics for families

Check out our Family Journey - this provides a summary of how we select holiday-makers to come on the week, and what parents can expect before, during and after the holiday.

Here is the packing list for the 2019 holiday and it is likely to be about the same in 2020.

This is the social story we made in 2019, which gives holiday makers a sense of what to expect on their first day on a SuperTroop holiday

Here’s a sample outline timetable which shows, in basic symbols, what we get up to during the holiday.

Here’s a holiday-maker guide which aims to provide an easy-to-read account of the holiday and our policies and procedures. We want to try to give our holiday-makers the information they need about their rights on the week, as well as what to expect day-to-day.

Privacy statement

This is the SuperTroop privacy statement specifically for families.