We’re delighted that so many of our volunteers who took part in 2018 are returning. However not all of them are able to make it back and so we do have a few spaces! If you want to get involved with an exciting mission, working in a team of committed, energetic and skillful people then this could be perfect for you.

group leaders

Group leaders run a small team of four or five one-to-one volunteers. It’s a perfect role for a student. We’re currently looking to recruit two new group leaders. You would need to be available from 3oth June-7th July 2019. You can apply here.

senior helpers

Senior Helpers provide expert back up and organisational support to the holiday as a whole. They usually have relevant professional expertise or previous experience. They co-ordinate and lead activities, provide guidance, and step in when a problem arises. We are currently recruiting three senior helpers, and especially looking for people with experience in support for physical disabilities, and in complex communication support. You would need to be available from 3oth June-7th July 2019. You can apply here.

Normally all of our helpers are recruited from our host organisation, Fettes College. However since we are still a young organisation, we are interested in hearing from young people (16-20) who would like to take on a one-to-one role, working alongside Fettes pupils. You would need to be available from 3oth June-7th July 2019. You can apply here.


Volunteering on the holiday is a challenging, exhausting but ultimately incredibly fun and fulfilling experience. We can guarantee you will make friends for life, while giving an extraordinary opportunity to a group of young people who have few chances to try new things or gain some independence. The holiday will give you valuable skills (teamwork, leadership, communication) and specific training (Makaton signing, first aid, crisis response) as well as getting you PVG registered.

Doing the holiday itself isn't possible for everyone though -  below you can find out other ways to lend a hand, or you can make a donation.


be an officer

As well as volunteers on the holiday week, our organisation relies on volunteer power year-round. If looking after kids isn’t your thing, or you can’t commit to those dates, then we have lots of other opportunities for you - like updating this website or helping with fundraising.


Donate an activity

During the holidays we need lots of fun stuff to enjoy.  If you can donate by playing a gig for us, running a football workshop or creating an on-site nail spa, get in touch! We are also interested to hear from qualified volunteer bus drivers to take us on trips out.


sponsor a holiday-maker

Our holiday is only affordable thanks to the massive donation of time made by our volunteers, and the in-kind support (worth £1000s) from our host, Fettes College. Still, we do have to pay for buses, admissions tickets, toys, games, personal care items and so on. If you can cover some of this cost for a deserving holiday-maker please donate now!