There are loads of ways you can be a part of SuperTroop

Now that we’ve had our first holiday, we’re busy preparing for the next one! We need people who will lead fundraising for our future holidays, and who will be able to help us write grants to seek funding from other organisations.

If you’ve got a fundraising idea, whether it be a bake sale at your work, taking part in a sports event, please get in touch with us.

Doing the holiday itself isn't possible for everyone though -  below you can find out other ways to lend a hand, or you can make a donation.

Volunteering on the holiday is a challenging, exhausting but ultimately incredibly fun and fulfilling experience. We can guarantee you will make friends for life, while giving an extraordinary opportunity to a group of young people who have few chances to try new things or gain some independence. The holiday will give you valuable skills (teamwork, leadership, communication) and specific training (Makaton signing, first aid, crisis response) as well as paying for your PVG registration. To apply for a place, complete this application by Friday 1st December 2017


be a helper

Our holidays are staffed by volunteers at three levels. Helpers will be recruited from Fettes College - they provide one-to-one care. We also need group leaders and senior helpers - more experienced staff to support helpers and holiday activities. Complete the online form if you want to be involved


Donate an activity

During the holidays we need lots of fun stuff to enjoy.  If you can donate by playing a gig for us, running a football workshop or creating an on-site nail spa, get in touch! We are also interested to hear from qualified volunteer bus drivers to take us on trips out.


Volunteer in other ways

There are loads of other ways to help out with Supertroop. We always need help with organising materials, administration, and even things like updating the website!