We are a new Edinburgh-based charity, launching in 2017, and planning to hold our first summer holiday in 2018.


Our 2017 Mission

This year, we have constituted the new charity and completed our board of trustees.  We're now focused on recruiting members to the organisation, finishing the process of registering with the Care Inspectorate, and fundraising. Our holiday managers are developing policy and procedure and in autumn 2017 we will start identifying potential holiday-makers from the local community. In particular, we will develop suitable training models for volunteers and recruit experienced and qualified 'senior helper' and ‘group leader’ teams to support the pupil helpers.

Thanks to the combined expertise of our volunteer managers, we have a unique opportunity to make a new and valuable contribution to the local Edinburgh & Lothians community in providing specialist holidays for young people who don’t often get a chance to go away without their families”
— Max Boyd-Brown, SuperTroop chair of the board

What We've Achieved SO FAR

  • We have chosen a name, SuperTroop, which reflects core ideas like being in a team of equals, having fun, and working safely.
  • We have approached the Care Inspectorate to begin the process of registration. 
  • We have held three board meetings and begun to develop policy and procedure for the organisation.